Pre-Entrepreneurship Framework

We believe that it is possible to create thousands of entrepreneurs tomorrow through instilling entrepreneurship mindset and skill-set in children today. We apply the framework developed by Prof. Rajesh Nair to create transformation in individuals and the community. His research experiments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Asia School of Business have shown that innovators and entrepreneurs can be nurtured from the general population. This framework to prepare pre-entrepreneurs, who are ready to take on their next steps in solution creation and venture building, has been applied in more than fifty workshops in seven countries reaching more than two thousand participants.


Prof. Rajesh Nair Professor. of Practice, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, Asia School of Business, KL, Malaysia


Programs for creating Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Ecosystems

A program where children learn to design and create things with materials and tools found at any home while learning the fundamentals of STEM

Hands-on experience program, designed to generate innovation and entrepreneurial interest in university students.

Development Program to build strong Ecosystem needed for nurturing tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs in schools and communities.

Events going on

Today, with schools closed due to the pandemic, children staying home. We see an opportunity to offer the same program to children across the world, to teach them to design and create things in a fun way. Every few days, we will publish a new design and fabrication challenge. These challenges are intended to introduce certain fundamentals of science through hands-on experience.