We believe that it is possible to create thousands of entrepreneurs tomorrow through instilling entrepreneurship mindset and skill-set in children today. We apply the framework developed by Prof. Rajesh Nair to create transformation in individuals and the community. His research experiments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Asia School of Business have shown that innovators and entrepreneurs can be nurtured from the general population. This framework to prepare pre-entrepreneurs, who are ready to take on their next steps in solution creation and venture building, has been applied in more than fifty workshops in seven countries reaching more than two thousand participants.
Z2E framework

“A nurturing ecosystem exposes the community to new ideas, encourages them to try things, supports when things fail, and inspires them to reach higher. New members join and the group grows and stays sustainable.”

Creating Jobs in the Post-COVID World

How Ecosystem Development changes community?​

It takes an ecosystem to raise future innovators and entrepreneurs. An Ecosystem that consists of Community (mentors and peers), Resources (tools and materials), and Place (space to meet).  amplifies the effect of collective learning, and it attracts new members helping it grow and stay sustainable.


A program where children learn to design and create things with materials and tools found at any home while learning the fundamentals of STEM.

Hands-on experience program, designed to generate innovation and entrepreneurial interest in university students.
Development Program to build strong Ecosystem needed for nurturing tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs in schools and communities.

teachers, spreading the knowledge

“It was a great experience in taking the online session of Arduino Controller. I am very much thankful to Zero2Maker Team for providing me this opportunity. The session was useful and interesting as it can be seen from the involvement of the students. They were excited and curious to learn new things.”

Balkishor Singh

Teacher, DAV Koylanagar

student as mentor

Zero2Maker initiative is designed to build a community of innovators and entrepreneurs. To this end, it is important to create mentors from the youth who can train others to create practical solutions to real-life problems.




"In all my student life, no course ever grabbed my attention beyond an hour, whereas this course kept me engaged for 11 days, for eight hours a day,”