Create a tower made of the newspaper that could support 500 gm of the load.


You could use up to 5 kg of newspaper

Binding materials such as glue, tape, staples, string, the clip may be used

Maximum base area: 1m x 1m

The tower should be supported by its base and no outside support shall be used (things such as, supporting from the ceiling or glueing the tower to the floor are not allowed.)

Only newspaper may be used for load-bearing parts (Do not use things such as metal wire or sticks) 

Tower should be able to support a 500ml water bottle on the top for 30 sec without falling.

Learning Objective:

This project gives a good sense of concepts in physics such as static forces, torque, and strength of the structure, through hands-on building experience. The tower may fall halfway. It is normal. Don’t be disappointed. Find ways to strengthen it with available materials and cross structures.


Size, weight, joint and shape are more important in foundation design as it is the first stage that supports the structure.
Understand the concept of centre (CG) of gravity and load distribution in context to the height of the tower. CG has to be located within the base area for stability.

Material strength
Strength plays an important role in taking the load and transferring it to other members from top to bottom of the structure. How do the diameter and cross-section shape of the bars affect load capacity? (Clue: Check out i-beam)

Structure Geometry & Load distribution
As they raise height they will practice with different designs and indefy best workable to implement the structure. learning from truss arrangements and triangle as the perfect shape for load transfer.


1. Take a picture of your tower with the load on top. Include you in the picture if you like. 

2. Mention the height of the tower.

3. Take a video of the construction of your tower, if you can. 

4. Submit the picture, the video and write a few lines about what didn’t work and what you learned in the project on FB’s Zero2Maker page.


6. Include these hashtags: #zero2maker, #zerolab

  1.  Devya Shah  Ahmedabad     |   6.5 feet