Create a roller coaster for a ball with four challenges



You could use any kind of ball that you can find at home; tennis, golf, rubber, marble, steel

Ball release height of 1 meter

Five phases the ball needs to experience in any order

Phase 1: Drop

Phase 2: Loop

Phase 3: Jump

Phase 4: Sound

Phase 5: motion

Rails or channel can be made from paper, cardboard, cycle tire, or anything you can find at home. Use your creativity



Take a picture of your tower with the roller coster . Include you in the picture if you like. 

Mention the height of tower and path.

Take video of the construction of your tower and roller coster, if you can. 

Submit the picture, the video and write a few lines about what didn’t work and what you learned in the project on FB’s Zero2Maker page.

Include these hashtags: #zero2maker, #zerolab