Create a sealed terrarium that will support life with only sunlight from outside



  • You could use any type of transparent bottle for your terrarium
  • Clean the bottle to remove any chemicals
  • Here are the layers that need to be placed order

    • Phase 1: Small stones or gravel
    • Phase 2: Charcoal if available. Burnt firewood also works. Ignore if not available
    • Phase 3: Wire mesh to stop soil from moving down. If mesh is not available use plastic bag piece with lots of pierced pin holes sheet 
    • Phase 4: Soil from your garden 
    • Phase 5: Small plants including moss or fern. Nuts or seeds if available (full raw beans, lentils, cumin, also should work)
    • Spray water inside along the walls. Start with about 1ounce or 30 ml.
    • Close the lid and place the terrarium by window with diffused sunlight.

It is normal to see condensation inside in the morning and evening. If there is too much condensation leave the cap open for water to escape.



Take a picture of your Terrariurm. Include you in the picture if you like.

Take video of the making Terrarium, if you can.

Submit the picture, the video and write a few lines about what didn’t work and what you learned in the Group on FB’s ZeroLab Challenge Public Group

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